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Round Picture Frames and Oval Frames

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Double round frame made of walnut

Round and Oval Frames add a whole new look to your coveted images.

They enhance the look of your walls, as well as adding visual interest in addition to the art or photos they hold.

We make truly custom picture frames, tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you're seeking a special one-of-a-kind frame, or a need a thousand Round or Oval Frames of a particular size, we can provide them at very reasonable prices. If you've been searching for Oval or Circle Frames, you'll recognize our quality and appreciate our prices.

Below are some samples of several sizes and prices, although the sizes are not set in stone. We can often make exactly what you want at no additional charge. Larger sizes are always available.

We're known for our Round and Oval Frames, our quality and our responsiveness to customers' needs. We look forward to earning your business.

Above: Double Round Frame made of Walnut. The void in the center of this example created a perfect place for this beautiful graphic. Photo courtesy of San Diego Zoo

Champagne Color Picture Frame

Metallic Champagne

Metallic Champagne is a different color for a picture frame, but this seems to work well. This particular frame is 19.5" which is a popular size for many puzzles, but is available in any size or oval

Round Stained Glass Lightbox

Round frame that is made to be a light box

Extra Deep Round frame made to be a light box. This extra depth helps diffuse light which is necessary when backlighting a sign or glass. The "Crone's Favorite" Profile is a very beautiful choice for this heavy looking frame. There are many uses for this design. Call or email for pricing

Round Mirror Frames made of Oak

Round Photo Frame stained golden oak. Honey oak is also very close. Shown with our "Crone's Favorite" Profile

Oak is always a favorite. Its grain pattern has a great deal of character, and will stain almost any color. We offer Round Picture Frames with a natural finish: Oak stained Brown, Oak stained Red, or any other color you might desire.

Oak & Poplar Frame Prices

Round Picture Frames made of Cherry Hardwood

Our client wanted a round picture frame for a large mirror to match the existing chest of drawers made of cherry. The size of the frame matches the furniture beautifully and the wide frame profile also looks great in the room. Everone is so pleased with the result!

Round Floating Picture Frames

Round floating picture frame made of oak.

Above: The Round Floating Picture Frames made of Oak, show the gap between the Picture Frame and the image, which provides a very clean look. This design is available for any of our picture frames.

Below: Floating picture frames are most often seen with canvas. In this case The frame breathed new life into this label. The gap along the edge and though it isn't visible in the picture, the image is slightly recessed from the face.

Floating picture frame made of walnut.

Round Picture Frames made of Walnut

Round picture frame with off center circle

Walnut is one of our best sellers and this particular shape brings attention to your center - piece like nothing else.

Round picture frame that looks like stone

The finish distinguishes this frame from any other. Shown with a brown hue, the painted round frame is designed to look like stone.

Round Frame with Bubinga Veneer Overlay

Round Frames made of Oak with Bubinga Veneer

Round Frame made of Walnut with Bubinga Overlay. As you can see, we love veneer and the great effect it can give when combining different species of wood. This particular client wanted only the Walnut to be darker, and after first declining to take the project we came up with a process to accomplish the desired effect. I first cursed the idea and later fell in love with the result. I know you'll agree, the color and wood combination is simply stunning!!

View our Veneer Overlay page.

Round Frames made of Oak with a light golden stain

Round frame made of oak with a light stain. Shown with our "gallery" profile design.

Hardware for hanging frame with chain

This hardware is perfect for suspending a stained glass frame in a window. Available for $8.00

Round Photo Frame Espresso Color

Round Photo Frame Dark Brown

Espresso is a popular color and we're glad to offer it. Shown above is poplar hardwood with our "Crone's Favorite" profile.

Round Clock Frame made of Cherry Hardwood

A round clock frame, made of Cherry hardwood with a natural finish, is a classic. Cherry develops a very desirable patina over time--this frame was much lighter 2 years ago.

The hand painted clock in this picture was done by Helena York of Legacy Clock Company.


We Build Custom Sizes!

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Call today: 1-417-893-9203

We are always delighted to work with our customers on their projects!

How to Order:

To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or Paypal.

We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles Page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also entertain your design ideas.

Non - Glare & Clear Acrylic Prices

We offer round and oval acrylic covers


We don't handle glass for our frames. We do offer both non - glare and clear acrylic for an addtional fee. Also, a backing is available upon request for a minimal fee.

Round Frames made of Oak and Stained Red. Picture Frame features our Narrow Gallery Profile with White round Matting

Round Frames made of Oak and stained Red are very versatile. This frame features our "Narrow Traditional" profile with White Round Matting.

Round Picture Frames Painted "Hammered Copper"

Round Picture Frames  Hammered Copper

The finish has a slight texture, which earns the name "Hammered" and have a deep appearance. Shown with our "Inside & Outside Cove" profile.

Solid Color, Painted Frame Prices

Nautical Picture Frames, designed to look like a "Porthole" on a ship.

Our Nautical Picture Frames are designed to look like a porthole on a ship.

Here, the red-stained on poplar hardwood displays the characteristic deep, rich color. "We offer Marine Themed Frames." See our idea page.

Round Mirror Frames made of poplar hardwood and stained orange

Round Mirror Frames made of Poplar Hardwood and Stained Orange make a visual statement in any room. Mirrors are a perfect gift -- for yourself or anyone on your "giving" list. Visit our Vibrant Colors page for more color options.

Walnut Frame Prices

Round stained glass frames made of walnut.

Round Stained Glass Frames made of Walnut are the perfect complement to your Stained Glass pieces. These frames feature trim on the back, which serves to secures the glass and make both sides of the frame presentable. The trim also hides any unsightly gaps between the frame and glass. Perfect for hanging in a window.

Round Picture Frames Painted Silver

Round Picture Frames with a Silver Finish

Shown with our "Center Profile with Inside and Outside Cove". The Silver color and profile choice is subtle yet very elegant; simply stunning.

Deep profile frame for mirror

Round frame painted nickel color with a deep profile. The profile depth on this frame is 2 1/4", giving it a very unique appearence. Coupled with a mirror, this frame will stand out in any room.

Deep or thick profile for mirror or paintings

Much like the nickel colored frame on this page, except in copper color. This has a slight texture which replicates a powder coat finish. The deep profile makes the frame a bit unusual yet versatile too.

Round Picture Frames with made of Poplar and Stained Green. Shown with our eccentric or orbit style

Round Picture Frames, made of Poplar and stained Green, like the one shown, let you enjoy bold color and wood grain in one dynamic frame. Why settle for a plain, painted frame?

Our orbit design is very unusual and has been a popular choice for many artists.