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Round Cornered Picture Frames

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Round Cornered Picture Frame with Petite, Narrow Profile

Round Cornered Picture Frames black and natural walnut

More than stock sizes, we offer Round Cornered Picture Frames at any size or shape!

Our Round Cornered Frames look entirely different from store bought frames. All of our frames are made from raw wood and not pre-finished stock. This process is labor intensive, but the unique end product has pleasing, flowing lines and has a very desirable appeal.

Below are a few examples of what we offer. We will finish your frame with any color you would like. Please inquire!

Image: Collection of very Narrow Round Cornered Frames, Walnut and Black colors. The petite width is only one-half inch wide in this example.

Round Corner Picture Frame
Made of Oak

Round Corner Picture Frame made of Oak

This sample has Round Outside Corners and Square Inside Corners. We offer our Rectangle Picture Frames with either Round or Square Inside Corners.

Walnut Round Corner Picture Frames

Walnut Round Corner Picture Frame shown with "Outside Cove" profile, and optional High Gloss finish. Inside and outside corners are rounded.


We Build Custom Sizes!

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We are always delighted to work with our customers on their projects!

How to Order:

To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or Paypal.

We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also gladly entertain your design ideas.

Round Cornered Frame, Modified

Round Cornered picture frame with military theme

Our customer needed a frame that resembled an aircraft fuselage, so we sold him an unfinished frame. He glued some vinyl sheets and fake rivets, and, well, we were extremely impressed by his creation. The full blog post can be read at: our Blog post about this Round Cornered Frame.

Satin Black Round Cornered Picture Frame

Round Cornered Frame painted Satin Black.

Shown with Inside and Outside Round Corners.

Walnut Round Corner Picture Frame

Round cornered picture frames with a narrow profile. Sample is made of walnut.

The style is very popular for Japanese prints and other works of art. Simple frame does not detract from the artwork. This sample has Square Inside Corners and Round Outside Corners.

Flat Black Round Corner Picture Frames

Round Corner Picture Frame painted flat Black.

Shown with a Medium Narrow profile.

Square Cornered Picture Frame Made of Walnut with Maple Inlay

Walnut Picture Frame with Maple Inlay. Okay,  it's not a Round Corner Picture Frame, but we think it's beautiful. The two woods create a striking contrast. For more contrasting colors for the wood lover, check out our Veneers & Pinstripes page.

Custom Picture Frame Made of oak stained dark walnut

Oak Custom Picture Frame, Stained Dark Walnut

Cherry Round Cornered Picture Frame

Cherry Round Cornered Frame with a natural finish. Cherry achieves a natural patina over time that is very desirable. This is a new Cherry Frame.

Round Cherry Cornered Picture Frames

These two frames are both Cherry with the same finish, but the Clock Frame is a couple of years old and shows the rich patina Cherry develops over time.

Round Corner Frame Copper Finish

Picture Frame with Hammered Copper Finish

We discovered this color by accident and fell in love with it. It has an intriguing texture that is a very desirable alternative to bright metallic paint.

Round Cornered Picture Frame with stained Dark Walnut

Oak Round Cornered Picture Frame with a Dark Walnut stain. Round Corner Frames are nearly impossible to find, but we have them, in nearly any color you can think of.

Custom Picture Frame made of Cypress

Cypress Custom Picture Frame, stained Dark Brown. Cypress resembles Pine, but has a very different texture and overall look. It is a very desirable hardwood.