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Round Picture Frames & Oval Picture Frames, Stained Red

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Round Picture Frames stained red, shown with our wide gallery profile

When we describe our business to people, it's easy for them to get hung up on the phrase "Custom Picture Frames." Yes, we do build custom picture frames, but the usual description involves pre-built frame sections of different sizes that someone assembles for you.

When we say custom pictures frame, we mean we build your frames from scratch, exactly your specs.

We offer Round Picture Frames, Oval Picture Frames, Circle Picture Frames, Round Corner Frames, Round Canvas Stretchers, etc. We are in business because we are old-fashioned craftsmen who love making things. If  your artwork cries out for something beyond ordinary and much-reproduced factory-made molding, we can help it shine.

Round Picture Frames and Oval Picture Frames are our main products, but we also build unusual shapes, provide rare wood and unusual stains, and are happy to work with you to match your vision.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope seeing our work will inspire your design creativity--maybe you'll even find frames you didn’t know you needed.

Above: Round picture frame stained Red, shown with "Wide Gallery Profile".

Poplar Round Frames, Stained Red

Round Frame made of Poplar stained red

This striking item is actually made with two frames with a cloth insert. You can specify the color insert to match your decor.

Oak Round Picture Frame, Stained Red

Round Picture Frame made of Oak

Shown with our "Crone's Favorite profile" and a very Narrow Red Matte, just enough to accent the frame and artwork.


We Build Custom Sizes!

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Call today: 1-417-759-9091

We are always delighted to work with our customers on their projects!

How to Order:

To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or Paypal.

We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles Page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also entertain your design ideas.

Oak Oval Picture Frames, Stained Red

Oval Picture Frame stained Red

Oak grain can be a bit harsh, but it has great character. When stained a color like Red, the grain really pops. As with all our picture frames, it is available in a High Gloss or Satin Sheen.

Round Frames, Wood, Stained Red

Round Frames made of hardwood and stained red

 This picture frame features our "Small Outside Cove" profile in a red color so deep, it looks as though you could jump into it. Perfect for an accent anywhere in your home or office.

Wide Profile Picture Frame, Round

Round Frames made of hardwood and stained red

Shown with a Wide Profile and Small Outside Cove, the red color is not as intense as most of our other examples. A bold frame and subtle red-brown color that would match almost any room.

Oak & Poplar Frame Prices

Small Round Picture Frame with "Inside Cove" Profile

Small Round Picture Frame featuring Inside Cove Profile

We've made round frames as small as 2 inches and as big as 6 feet. Picture frames big and small, we can build them!

Oak Round Frame, Narrow Profile and Narrow Round Matte

Round Frame made of Oak, stained Red. Features White Round Matting and our narrow traditional profile.

Our Round and Oval Matting selection lets you choose from hundreds of colors. Match your mattes to other elements of your decor.

Red Oval Picture Frame With Oval Gold Matte

Oval Picture Frame, Red with Gold Oval Matting

Add a splash of intense gold matting to really bring your artwork to life.