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Birdseye Maple Veneer Over Walnut

Round Frames for Clocks made of walnut with birds-eye maple veneer

Veneer over hardwood creates a spectacular effect that makes for a formal, very rich-looking Picture Frame. Our Veneer Overlay options are available for our Round Picture Frames, Oval Picture Frames and Round Cornered Picture Frames. On this page you'll find a sample of what is available; more WoodVeneer speciesare available upon request.

If these images inspire your imagination, we'll be glad to entertain your ideas. Please don't hesitate to call or email with your request.

Bubinga Veneer Over Walnut

Round and rectangle picture frame matching set

Set of Bubinga Veneer over Walnut Circle picture Frames. In this instance, the Walnut hardwood is stained and the Bubinga Veneer remained natural.

How we Built This:

Oak Picture Frame with Zebra Veneer Overlay

Oak Picture Frames with Zebra Veneer Overlay

The Zebra Exotic hardwood is as colorful as the animal. This molding is hard to just pass by.

Birdseye Maple Molding

Picture frame molding, birdseye maple over oak

Birdseye Maple Veneer over Oak. The contrast is more subtle on this sample than on others, but is still there. Birdseye Maple is always popular and will never go out of style.

Mahogany Picture Frame Molding

Picture frame molding Mahogany over Oak

Rich Mahogany Veneer over Oak. Mahogany has a coarse strait grain pattern that is just gorgeous. As with all of our Veneer Frames, the grain runs in contrast to the overall molding. The created effect is just fabulous.

Oak Picture Frame Molding with Bubinga Overlay

Picture Frame molding made of Oak with Bubunga Veneer overlay

Bubinga has a brown - red tint and when coupled with Red Oak, the contrast is just delicous!!

Walnut Burl Veneer Over Oak Molding

Picture Frames made of Oak with Walnut Burl Veneer

As shown, the walnut has no stain on it. This is the natural color.

Veneer Overlay Pricing for Round or Oval Frames:

Please contact us for a price quote on our Veneer Overlay Picture Frames.


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Call today: 1-417-759-9091

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To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

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We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles Page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also entertain your design ideas.

Oval Frames, Mahogany Veneer

Oak Picture Frame with Mahogany Veneer

This is part of our veneer frame collection. Mahogany always has a rich color and grain pattern, this frame is no exception. We like to contrast wood colors to create a spectacular display in this instance mahogany & oak.