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Picture Frame Idea Page

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We can build nearly any shape of frame you would like! Here are some ideas.

We create beautiful, Custom Picture Frames with elegant profiles and finishes. Displayed on this page are some of our customers' ideas, along with some of our own. We are always interested in discussing your custom requirements.

Orbit Style Round Picture Frames

Orbit Shaped Frame, Blue

Very unusal shape for a picture frame, yet very pleasing. The deep blue only adds to the effect. Call is eccentric, orbit, or just pain wierd, this round frame is sure to make you smile. This photo is of a comet, compliments of Tomomi in Japan.

Leaf Shaped Picture Frames

Tree Mural Photo Album

This is in a dentist's office featuring some of her successful patients. The Leaf Frame is a perfect way to diplay kids' pictures, especially with a mural.

Frame above is made of hardwood and stained green. Below sample is our economy version which is painted. Contact us for current pricing

Leaf shaped frames in several colors

In this example, the leafs are placed randomly on a wall with no mural which still looks nice, we think. The leafs are different colors and the colors are not uniform, there are different shades mixed in with each one. Meant to replicate what a leaf would look like. This is a maple - shaped leaf with a 6" round hole. Many other variations available. Call us with your idea!! (417) 893-9203

Round Frame for Plates

This Round Frame has been custom -
crafted for a ceramic plate.

Shaker Style Picture Frame

Shaker / Quaker Picture Frame made of Walnut

Shaker style, also called Mission style, creates a very distinctive look with its overlapping corners.

Wide Profile Shaker Picture Frame

Shaker style frame made of oak with wide profile.

Wide profile design shaker oak frame. This frame is meant to look rustic. The walnut dowels accent each corner which only adds to the character of this piece.

Oblong Picture Frame made of Walnut

This Oblong Picture Frame is made of Walnut and displays our "Inside Cove" profile. This is a natural finish, no stain.

Free - Formed Picture Frame Made of Cherry

Cherry frame with no straight lines.

Free formed picture frames can be any shape or no shape at all really. This is the case with this one. Made of cherry, it houses a regular 16 x 20 picture with ease. The front opening and outside shape are quite different though. This is definately an eye catcher that will still draw attention to your artwork.

Personalized Picture Frames

Round Corner frame with personal lettering

The possibilities are endless with this concept. The lettering on the frame brings to life this young child's picture and provides an eternal keepsake. Lettering is available on our round or oval frames as also. Contact us for pricing.

white oak Square outside and Round Inside frame

Square Outside / Round Inside Frame made of White Oak. The mitered corneres and natural vivid color of White Oak really make this picture frame pop!! It is an old idea found in many antiques, but we think it could be presented as very modern, expecially with the colors presented.

Square Frame with Round Center

Square / round frame for mirror

Square Frame with Circle Center made of Walnut including a Birdseye Maple Veneer overlay. Maple is the promient color in this piece, but would not be complete without the contrasting walnut on the edges. Notice also that the maple grain pattern points inward to accent the round center. We know you'll agree the look is just delicous!

Round Frames with Fabric Insert

Round Frames made of Oak with fabric insert. The sample is made of Oak, stained with a Black-Brown color

A Double Round Frame with upholstry in the middle, which can be changed to match your room's decor. The fabric might match a sofa, or even easier a pillow or through. The possibilities are endless. Perfect frame for a mirror even!

Ash Hardwood Round Picture Frame

Round Picture Frame made of Ash Hardwood

Ash hardwood has a color similar to Oak, but very mild and smooth grain pattern, It takes stain (shown with a Golden Oak color) very nicely. A good alternative to a harsh grain pattern, such as Oak.

Round Nautical Picture Frame

Round, Nautical Picture Frame

Most of our Nautical Picture Frames are made by layering two frames together. The frame is supposed to look like it might open like a window on a ship would.

Made of Poplar hardwood and stained red, the double porthole style frame is bold and is prevalent in any room it's in. Complete with imitation bolts, this is a perfect gift for your nautical theme or marine enthusiast.

Oval nautical picture frame

Oval Nautical Picture Frame
Painted Ivory

Oval nautical frames are available in any of the styles seen on this website. Contact us with your idea!

Black Porthole style frame

Porthole Style Frame
Painted Black

The imitation black rivets are hard to see in this picture, but add a subtle accent to the whole piece.

Circle Nautical Style Picture Frame

Nautical frame with blue accent bolts

Made of Cherry, this circle porthole style frame is very rich looking. The imitation rivets also make this round frame an outstanding piece.

Meant to have a nautical theme, but really this frame is quite nice on it's own. The 'rivets' can serve and accent pieces.

Black porthole frame with white rivets

In this instance, the black and white photo and black porthole frame with white rivets, white mat, make just a wonderful combination. The only thing that would add to this is a bit of red in the otherwise black / white scheme. Anyway, the black nautical double frame is subtle and the white accent grabs the eye. We think you'll agree.

walnut Porthole style frame

Walnut is our biggest seller and upon looking at this frame, it's no wonder. Shown with a natural finish, the Round Walnut Frame with oak rivets create a wonderful contrast.

Porthole Frame Prices:

Contact us for current prices on our porthole picture frames!

hammered copper finish Nautical Picture frame

The "Hammered Copper" finish has that powdered coat effect which is very desirable. Along with the imitation black rivets, this Porthole Design Picture Frame has been very popular.

Porthole style round frame painted hammered silver

Hammered Silver Circular Porthole Style Picture Frame

Like the Copper version, the Hammered Silver has a slight texture that is very desirable. Again, the rivets serve as accent pieces that work for many pieces of artwork.

Nautical frame with blue accent bolts

This Circular Nautical Frame has a Satin White Finish that is very elegant. The imitation blue bolts and the dark outer round mat go futher to accent the entire piece.

Circlular Nautical Style Picture Frame Made of Walnut

Circular, nautical style picture frame made of Walnut hardwood with a natural finish

The dark tone of the Walnut is hard to beat. The Double Frame only adds to the luxurious look. This frame is not stained, but features a natural finish.