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Round Picture Frames & Oval Picture Frames in Solid Painted Colors

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Half circle, or half round frame for stained glass.

Sometimes wood grain isn't the right fit for a project and a Solid Color Frame fits the bill. Our Painted Frames are an economical alternative to hardwood and offer an extremely smooth, consistent surface.

Our Painted Round and Oval Frames are available in nearly any color to match your décor and or artwork. Recently, we offered a “Hammered” (such as Silver) paint that is most often used on outdoor projects, but creates a very nice effect on Picture Frames. It is a very durable paint and has a lot of character. This line has been very well received.

We offer many different shapes and profiles and will be happy to entertain any frame idea that you have.

Above: Half Round or Half Circle Frame for Stained Glass. Artwork by Bernadette Reynal, who can found at Our thanks to Bernadette for letting us use her picture.

Round Frames Painted Black

Round Picture Frame painted satin black

A special thanks to Sally Cochrane for the photo or her wonderful fish painting mounted in our round frame. The color combination in this sample really 'pops' and we know you'll agree!

Round Picture Frame Painted White

Shown with Silver & Blue Round Matting

Round Picture Frame painted white, with silver & blue matting

See our Round & Oval Matting page for great color selections!

Circle Picture Frame, Metallic Gold

Stained glass with mirror circle frame

Circle frame with our "center profile with double cove" design. The profile design is great, but when coupled with the "hammered gold" finish, you have an excellent looking frame! This is a very popular design for us.

Hammered Rosemary Mettalic Finish

Painted a Hammered Rosemary

From our popular hammered finish series, the rosemary color is subtle and can blend well with decor in many rooms. This oval frame is shown with our small inside cove profile.

Round frames that looks like stone

This frame has a slight texture and many brown colors that makes it look like rock or stone.

Round Sign Frames

Frame for a round sign

Our thanks to David Balkan of Balkan Plumbing in New York for this photo. They needed a round frame / trim ring that would work with their logo / sign that resembles a manhole cover. The Charcoal sign and Charcoal Frame make a wonderful combination and looks great in the office.

Round Canvas Frame Gold

Gold color picture frame.

Round frame painted mettalic gold. This was intended for a round canvas, but is suitable for any artwork. This color is a simple subtle gold.

We Build Custom Sizes!

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Call today: 1-417-893-9203

We are always delighted to work with our customers on their projects!

How to Order:

To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or Paypal.

We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles Page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also entertain your design ideas.

Round Picture Frames Painted Satin White

Round Frames shown with our Center Profile

Round Frames shown with our "Center" profile

The profile is a Center profile with an Inside & Outside Cove. The Shite Color and profile is versatile enough to work with any decor.

Oval Frames Painted Silver

Silver oval frame with outside cove profile

You wouldn't be looking at our website this long if weren't looking for something different. Picture Frames with metallic colors offer just that. This oval frame with silver finish would work in almost any setting. The outside cove profile's style is subtle yet classy.

If you like this frame, you might also like to see it with a pinstripe! Take a look at our frames with pinstripes page

Solid Color, Painted Frame Prices

Round Frames for Signs

Round Frame for a Sign

Balkan Plumbing of New York needed a Charcoal Round Frame that would match their round logo / sign that resembles a manhole cover. We are proud to be a part of their project!! Thanks to David for the picture.

Oval Picture Frame, Painted Black

Oval frames paitned satin black

Oval Frame painted Satin Black. Features our Traditional profile, it is meant to place the focus on the artwork and not the frame. Sometimes simple is best!

Non - Glare & Clear Acrylic Prices

We offer round and oval acrylic covers


We don't handle glass for our frames. We do offer both non - glare and clear acrylic for an addtional fee. Also, a backing is available upon request for a minimal fee.

Champagne color Picture Frame

Metallic champagne color Picture Frame

Round Picture frame with small inside cove profile. Metallic champagne color can look great in any room!

Metallic Champagne

Metallic Champagne is a different color for a picture frame, but this seems to work well. This particular frame is 19.5" which is a popular size for many puzzles, but is available in any size or oval

Round Picture Frames Painted "Hammered Copper"

Round Picture Frames  Hammered Copper

The finish has a slight texture, which earns the name "Hammered" and have a deep appearance. Shown with our "Inside & Outside Cove" profile.

Round Nautical Picture Frame Made to Look Like a Ship Porthole

Round Nautical picture frame, picture frame made to resemble a ship prothole.

The fake bolts can be any color; as can the frame. Perfect gift for the nautical or boat enthusiast!

More Nautical Frames coming soon.

Eccentric Picture Frame painted Black

Eccentric Picture Frame, painted black

As seen here, this frame is an Offset, Round Frame painted Black. Would look great in a setting with other like frames, or mixed with Rectangular Frames.

Round Picture Frames Painted Satin Black

round Picture Frames painted black, with inside and outside cove profile. The profile design makes one look twice!

Our "center profile with outside & outside cove" design has been very popular. The frame has a great deal of character and completely different appearance than anything elso on the market.

Round Frame Painted Espresso Color

Espresso colored picture frame

Above is our Center Profile frame in an espresso color. This dark brown coffee color is very desirable and has been a great seller since we introduced this.