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Oval oak frame with random texture

You've just discovered the most unique Oval Picture Frame Manufacturer

Our Custom Oval Picture Frames are tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you want a special one-of-a-kind frame, or a run of a thousand. You'll find our prices are very reasonable prices. If you've looked at other framing sites, you'll know we offer the biggest selection of truly customized frames, the best customer service, and excellent value.

Below are samples of sizes and prices. The sizes are not set in stone. We can make often exactly what you need for no additional charge, and larger sizes are also available. We want to earn your business...Call us today!

Above: Oval Frame made of oak with a random Texture. This is just a delicious touch to an already great frame!

Oval Picture Frames Made of Walnut

Oval Frames made of Walnut

Tall and Narrow Oval Frames made of Walnut. The shape of this frame suits the photo very well. Shown with a Narrow Oval Mat that is Light Brown. Our Walnut Picture Frames are a favorite among many customers. The color and grain pattern will match nearly any decor.

Oval Picture Frames Painted Gold

Brilliant Gold Oval Picture Frames

This gold has a very durable finish and features a slight texture. It is called "Hammered Gold', but also resembles a powder coat. This has been a favorite among many clients.

Oval Nautical Style Picture Frame

Oval nautical or marine theme frames

Nautical themed oval picture frames. Complete with imitaion rivets and a duplex style frame. Intended to look like a porthole, but could work with many other ideas.

More examples of our Nautical Picture Frame can be found on our Idea page.

Oval Frames made of Oak  Shown with our Red - Brown Stain.

Oak Oval Frames red - brown stain

One of our most popular colors. Shown with a high gloss finish; also available with a satin sheen.

Oval Frames, Natural Oak

Oval Frames for Mosaic Art

Oval Frames made of Oak Hardwood with our narrow "Gallery" profile. The frame is a natural, unstained color which looks very nice with this mosaic.

Our thanks to Elizabeth Klevens for providing this photo. Here work can be found at

Oval Stained Glass Frames

Oval Picture Frame stained Red for stained Glass.

Our Round and Oval Frames for Stained Glass have an optional trim for the reverse side,  finished with the same material and color as the frame, which serves to hold the frame in place. It also finishes the back of the frame, making it attractive from both sides. Perfect for window hanging.

Oval Picture Frames Stained Blue

Oval Frames, made of poplar white - wood and stained blue

In this selection, we use a White Wood, such as Poplar and stain it Blue. The White Wood takes stain really well and the result is this stunning color. Other colors such as Green, Orange, or even Purple are available.

Oval Picture Frames Stained Green

Oval Frames stained Green. Shown with our outside cove profile

As you can tell, we like colors that are not exactly traditional. Our vivid color selections can really change the attitude in any room they are in. This frame would look great holding a mirror, painting, or just about anything. You can have color and not give up the wood grain.

Oval Picture Frames Made of Cypress

Cypress Oval Picture Frames

Shown with a Light Brown Stain. Cypress has a dynamic grain pattern unmatched by any other, takes stain really well, and looks good in almost any color.

Oval Frame Shown With a Black Oval Matte

Oval Picture Frames made of Oak

It's really hard to go wrong with Oak. The color pairs with nearly anything and has a lot of character. We offer Round and Oval Matting to complete the look. Virtually any color available.

Oak & Poplar Frame Prices

Oval or Oblong Picture Frames Made for Stained Glass

Oval or Oblong Picture Frames for Stained Glass

Our Stained Glass Frames have optional trim for the reverse side to secure the glass and make both sides attractive. Perfect for hanging your Stained Glass in a window.

We'd like to thank for the use of their photo.

Non - Glare & Clear Acrylic Prices

We offer round and oval acrylic covers


We don't handle glass for our frames, except for convex glass. We do offer both non - glare and clear acrylic for an addtional fee. Also, a backing is available upon request for a minimal fee.

We also handle Convex Glass!
We offer round and oval convex glass

Oval Picture Frames Made of Cypress, Stained Red

Oval Picture frames made of cypress and stained red

Cypress looks much like Pine, but has a more pronounced grain pattern. This gives it a rich, dynamic look, that's softer than oak grain. Just scrumptious, every time.

We Also Offer Solid Color Oval Frames

Round and Oval solid color painted frames

Pictured is our Economy Line of Painted Frames  made of Natural Fibers. These are available in your choice of color, or simply primed and ready for your personal touch. Our painted frames offer a very smooth, uniform finish.

Solid Color, Painted Frame Prices

Picture Frames with Crackle Finish

Oval Picture Frames with White Crackle Paint

Shown here with a Silver base color and White topcoat. Many other colors are available; inquire with your request.

Another sample of a crackle finish can be found on our "idea" page, found here

Oval Canvas Floating Frames

Oval Picture Frames that Float

Our Floating Frames are very thick or deep and work really well for canvas. As can be seen in the finished sample, there is a thin  gap between the artwork and the inside of the frame; this effect makes the canvas appear to "float" inside the frame.

Floating Frame, Ovals

Oval Picture Frames Floating Style

Oval Picture Frames that "float" the artwork.

Our thanks to Nathan Durfee for this inspired piece of art.

Please note: pricing is different for floating picture frames. Please call or email for your quote.

Oval Frames with Pinstripe

Oval Picture Frames Painted Avocado with White Pinstripe

Oval picture frames painted avocado, or sage,  with white pinstripe. More samples to follow soon.

Walnut Oval Frame, Stained Red

Oval Picture Frames made of Walnut Hardwood and stained Red. The Red Stain on Walnut has the same look as some Mahogany.

Red-stained Walnut hardwood closely resembles Mahogany. We think you'll love the classic look!

Walnut Frame Prices

Solid Walnut Oval Picture Frames

Oval Picture Frames made of Solid Walnut

Shown with our most commonly requested profile, "The Traditional".  A simple and elegant Walnut frame with a natural finish, it is always one of our best-sellers.

Poplar Oval Mirror Frame, Stained Black

Oval Mirror Frames made of poplar and stained black. Like all of our picutre frames, we offer both satin <br />and high gloss sheens.Some wood grain shows through this Black stain, adding extra visual interest. Available in High Gloss or Satin Sheen. The High Gloss sheen adds depth and richness to the color; the satin is a more subtle effect. Select the image for a comparison.

Oval Picture Frame Painted White

Oval Picture Frames painted Satin White.

Popular gallery-type profile features square edges for a spare, modern look.

Oval Frames made of Poplar Stained Blue

Oval frames with a "Hammered Copper" finish. Shown with our "small outside cove" profile, the copper color frame has been one of our best sellers. The finish looks close to a powder coat and has a slight texture. The combination is very favorable to most decors.

Oval Picture Frames with Pinstripes

Oval Frames made of Poplar Stained Blue

Shown with a high gloss finish, this a brilliant  blue set off by the silver pinstripe accent. An attention-getter!

Visit our Vibrant Colors page for a wide selection