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Round Frames & Oval Frames Made of Oak

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Oval Frames stained red - brown shown with our "traditional" profile

Thanks for visiting our Oak Picture Frames page.  We offer not only the best in Round Picture Frames and Oval Picture Frames, but other shapes as well.

And when we say we make custom frames,  we mean that everything we offer is made to order once we get your specifications.  

We offer simple  elegant profiles that set your art projects apart from others. Our frames are artwork in themselves, hand-built with exacting craftsmanship, and will add extra flair to anything  they house.

We hope that our frames will inspire your creativity. You might even find things here you didn’t know you need!

Above: Oval Picture Frame Stained Reddish-Brown. This color has been well received, and is a perennial good seller.

Round Frames made of Oak with our narrow gallery profile and high gloss finish

Round Picture Frame, Oak, with our "Narrow Gallery" profile, with a high-gloss, natural finish.

Round Frames made of Oak with Walnut Burl Veneer Overlay

Round Frame of Oak with Walnut Burl Veneer Overlay. Shown with Round Matting. The combination of the these two wood tones is really handsome and makes you artwork look expensive.

Circle Picture Frame made of Oak, Stained Golden Oak

Circle Picture Frames, Oak, stained Golden Oak. Shown with our "Crone's Favorite" profile.


We Build Custom Sizes!

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Call today: 1-417-759-9091

We are always delighted to work with our customers on their projects!

How to Order:

To order Picture Frames: We measure frames by picture size. Email or call us with the quantity, size, color, and any special designs. We will send an invoice to you with a total price.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or Paypal.

We offer simple, yet elegant picture frame profiles. Visit our profiles page for a wide selection

Our many different Picture Frame profiles can be found on our Frame Profiles Page. We offer simple, yet very elegant profiles at prices that are affordable. We will also entertain your design ideas.

Circle Frames made of Oak traditional profile

Oak Circle Frames With a Natural Finish. Sometimes simple is better. Natural finish and our "Traditonal" profile.

Non - Glare & Clear Acrylic Prices

We offer round and oval acrylic covers


We don't handle glass for our frames. We do offer both non - glare and clear acrylic for an addtional fee. Also, a backing is available upon request for a minimal fee.

Oak Picture Frame Prices

Hexagon Picture Frames made of Oak and Whitewashed.

Oak Hexagon Picture Frame, Whitewash Color. This particular design has equal sides, although a longer version is also available, and perfect for a pendulum clock.

Oval Picture Frames made of Oak

Our oak oval frames offer a traditional appearence.

This Oval Frame has our "Gallery Profile" which is a simple design and has been one of our best sellers. This frame is shown with a natural finish.

Our oval frames are not only available in popular sizes, but odd sizes also. Please inquire!

Round Cornered Picture Frame Dark Walnut

Oak Round Cornered Picture Frame, with  Dark Walnut stain. Round Corner Frames are nearly impossible to find, but we have them--and in  nearly any color you can think of.  Visit our Round Corner Frame page

Oval Picture Frames made of oak, Whitewashed. Looks round, but it is oval, only by 1 inch

Oak Oval Picture Frame, Whitewashed. The frame looks Round, but it is  just barely an Oval. The whitewash color is clean, and allows the wood grain to come through nicely.

Oval Picture Frames, oak, stained dark brown. Shown with a gree matte

Oak Oval Picture Frame, stained Dark Brown. Shown with Green Oval Matte.

Round Picture Frame made for a plate

This Round Frame is made to house a ceramic plate. The back is 2" thick, which allows the frame and plate to be hung on a wall without any problem.

Round Picture Frame for a slot machine wheel.

Oak Round Picture Frame made to hold a slot machine wheel.

Circle Picture Frames very small diameter

Yes, it is that small! We've made our circle picture frames as small as 2 inches and as large as 6 feet.

Oval or Oblong Picture Frames Stained Glass

Oval or Oblong Picture Frames, made for Stained Glass. Our Stained Glass Frames have optional trim for the reverse side to secure the glass and makes both sides presentable. Perfect for hanging your Stained Glass in a window.

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