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High Quality Round Picture Frames and Oval Picture Frames

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Round Frame Display

If you've been trying to find quality Round and Oval Frames for your photographs and artwork, you know they're hard to find.

Our passion is designing and building Oval and Round Picture Frames of heirloom quality, frames that add an extra touch of uniqueness to your treasuree images. Our Custom Picture Frames are built by hand to fit your specific needs. Our Round and Oval Frames can also be designed as Floating Frames, Shadow Boxes or Disapearing Side Frames. We build these in either real wood or composition products.

We also create a line of handsome Rounded Corner Rectangular Frames, which give you that "straight line" feel blended with the softness of rounded corners...A different look that adds character and draws extra attention to your prized photo or artwork.

Image above: Round frames made of various hardwoods. Paintings by Beth Racette.

Round Framed Vanity Mirror

Round Mirror Frame

This round frame matches the hard maple vanity perfectly. The space cries for a round frame - mirror and we were glad to be part of this project!

Circle Frame with "Hammered" Silver Finish

Stained glass with mirror circle frame

This Circle Mirror Frame features Stained Glass. A mirror is behind the entire piece of stained glass, which allows the glass to still be illuminated even when on a wall. The one cut out area allows this to function as a mirror. The frame features our "Hammered Silver" finish. It looks almost like a powder coating.

Artwork done by Diane Blasius. Visit Diane Blasius' website at

Exotic Bubinga Veneer Round Frames

Bubinga veneer round frame

The almost red bubinga veneer and the natural oak make a wonderful contrast that is beautiful. Many combinations available including straight molding. Please visit our Veneer & Pinstripes page.

Oak Oval Picture Frame

Oak, Walnut Oval Picture FramesThis frame has been stained a Dark Walnut color.
Oval Frames with Oval Matting give your black and white photos the perfect Victorian setting.

Walnut Round Cornered Picture Frame

Round Walnut Cornered Picture Frames

Shown with a narrow profile. This style is very popular for Japanese prints and other works of art. Simple frame does not detract from the artwork.

Step Outside the Rectangle

Sure, there are plenty of nice Rectangular Frames on the market. But if you look beyond the rectangle, you'll find decorating with Round Picture Frames or Oval Picture Frames can not only enhance your picture, but add new design elements to your room.

Conventional frame shops call themselves "custom frame shops" because you pick a Rectangular Frame from their existing stock and they frame your picture for you.

We are a true custom frame shop: We do build some frames in the most popular woods and sizes, but if you want to, you can choose your wood, your stain, your size and frame profile and we'll create the frame specifically for you. And our Round and Oval Frames can usually be custom made to your specifications at no extra cost.

We have many species of wood and distinctive stains not found in standard frame shops. If you're looking for a specific color, grain or texture, we'll do our best to accommodate your vision.

Check Out Our Prices

You'll find lists of our best-selling sizes, with prices, here on the site. Need a size that's not currently listed? We can often build exactly what you need, at no additional charge. Larger size frames are also available. And you can buy Acrylic picture covers from us, as well as Round and Oval Mattes to fit our frames.

We are a small enough company to cater to your individual, one-of-a-kind picture frame requests, but can also produce large quantities if that's your need. And we do it all at very reasonable prices. If you've seen what else is on the market, we know you'll recognize our value and quality.

We Also Build Round Canvas Stretchers

Artists, we can supply you with high quality Round and Oval Canvas Stretchers for your work. Call us to discuss your needs.

Great Art Demands Great Frames

Your photographs and fine art are valuable. Enhance their presentation with our beautifully crafted frames: We know you'll be delighted. Please take a look at what we offer, and then give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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Round Mirror Frame Stained Purple

Vanity Mirror frame stained purple

It's orbit or eccentric shape creates a great illusion. The color and small space of a bathroom make the combination an even greater fit. We know you will agree!!

Circle Nautical Style Picture Frame

Nautical frame with blue accent bolts

Made of Cherry, this round porthole style frame is very rich looking. The imitation rivets also make this round frame an outstanding piece.

Meant to have a nautical theme, but really this frame is quite nice on it's own. The 'rivets' can serve and accent pieces.

More examples of our Porthole Picture Frames can be found on our Idea page.

Walnut Large Oval Frame, Wide Profile

Oval Pciture Frames made of Walnut Natural Finish.

This Walnut Frame with natural finish is approximately 6 feet wide. We build very large picture frames like this quite often.

Round Picture Frame Stained Blue

Stained Blue Round Picture FramesPoplar is a naturally white wood that takes stains extremely well, making it versatile and perfect for most colors. Here, the blue frame and wide blue and white double matte does wonders for the vintage print. Notice how the blue frame highlights the subtle blues in the print.

Circle Picture Frames Stained Black

Circle Picture Frames stained black

The Black Stain in this example still lets some wood grain to show. The Bright Orange Round Mat makes a stunning contrast which sets the entire project off. We have a wide selection of Round Mats and Oval Mats available on our Picture Frame Mat page.

Round Frames for Signs

Round Frame for a Sign

Balkan Plumbing of New York needed a Charcoal Round Frame that would match their round logo / sign that resembles a manhole cover. We are proud to be a part of their project!! Thanks to David for the picture.

Half Circle Frame for Stained Glass

Half circle, or half round frame for stained glass.

Half Circle Frames are hard to find and almost always have to be special made. We are proud to offer this service. The Stained Glass work really went a long way to accent this hutch. This also came with optional trim to finish the frame on both sides.

Stained Glass done by Bernadette Reynal of Reynal Art Glass Thanks for the picture!!

Oval Floating Frame

Floating picture frames stained green

Our thanks to Justin King for providing this painting of a steelhead fish in our oval floating frame made of poplar and stained green. Floating frames work for many pieces of artwork including paintings and provide a wonderful effect.

Oak Oval Mirror Frame, Stained Red

Oval Mirror Frames made of oak and stained red

This rich Mahogany color adds a touch of glamour to any frame. Our Red Stain works well on Poplar Oak, Cypress and even Walnut.

Cypress Round Photo Frame, Stained Red

Round Photo frames made of cypress and stained red

The Cypress has a very wild grain pattern, which creates a very pleasing effect. The Red Stain only adds to this; the end result is a very bold photo frame that fits many color schemes.

Very Deep Oval Picture Frame

Walnut Oval Frames made extra deep

These extra deep Oval Frames made of Walnut are great for an object that requires extra depth. This can also add that extra effect to that certain piece of artwork.